What We Do

The Genesis 1:29 Project offers a three pronged approach to assisting congregations become healthier. We do this through the Three Cs:

Classes –> Coaching –> Consulting.

We offer a variety of classes which assist attendees in learning about health and how we can positively affect our own wellbeing. The classes are informal, based on quality information, and help people learn how to make different food choices which will often have a benefit previously believed unachievable.

Those who attend the class offering will be invited to pair up with a coach. Class sessions are educational and informative, but having one-on-one time with a coach can greatly increase success in making behavioral change. Meetings will occur over the telephone, two times per month, for three months – a total of six coaching sessions.

In order to make lasting change that goes beyond classes and coaching The Genesis 1:29 Project will add on one session to the nutrition class in order to consult on starting a health program within the congregation. Items addressed are:

  • Why a Health Program?
  • Benefits to the congregation
  • Possible health program structures
  • Activity Possibilities
  • Community Outreach
  • Measuring Success
  • And others…

The combination of the Three Cs is powerful and life changing for individuals and the larger community. Contact The Genesis 1:29 Project for more information concerning these free offerings.